Northeast Florida Veg Fest

Last weekend, we went to Northeast Florida Veg Fest for the second time. It’s so much fun! If you go, plan to show up hungry. There are some wonderful places to eat.

Garden Truck was there, which was great news for us because their restaurant closed just a few weeks before we moved down here. We were heartbroken, but we were happy to hear that they plan to start a food truck soon. They make a fantastic sausage and pepper sandwich, and they have some of the best cookies we’ve ever tasted.


In addition to all the vegan stuff, there were lots of rescue groups there. Go here for the list of vendors, which includes the local rescues. We tried our best to network. HAR is ready to meet all of our fellow Jacksonville animal rescuers!




I didn’t get too many pictures, mostly because this is a VERY crowded event. It is absolutely worth a road trip to Florida if you’re within driving distance, and there are plenty of other fun things to do in town after the fest is over.

For dinner on Saturday, we went to Sushiko. It’s one of my favorite restaurants ever. When you walk in, ask for the vegan menu. Then prepare to be amazed.


What other VegFests should we check out? Is there one in your town?

Check in with us later this week for some rescue updates!

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