Creating an Animal Rescue Car Kit

Stopping to help an animal in need is something that all of us can do. For many years, I’ve kept an emergency kit in the trunk of my car, and it has paid off time and time again. It’s easy and inexpensive – you probably have most of these supplies in your house already!

Here’s what I keep in my trunk:


  • Carrier

If you own a cat or a small dog, you probably already have one of these. If not, I recommend looking for one at your local thrift store. Alternatively, you could could purchase a cardboard carrier from your veterinarian or even use a cardboard box. You can store all of the remaining items inside the carrier.

  • Water

Water is good to have around if you pick up an animal who has been wandering for a long time, especially in the summer heat.

  • Dishes

Use for water or food.

  • Leashes

Slip leads are ideal for emergencies, as many stray dogs are not wearing collars. I bought mine from Amazon. I recommend keeping at least two in your kit, as lost dogs are often wandering around with other dogs.

  • Gloves

I’ve been grateful to have gloves in my kit many times. They’re especially good for picking up injured wildlife (or nippy chihuahuas!)

  • Towels

I keep two in my kit. Use them to wrap animals or to line your car seats.

  • Flashlight

If you stumble upon an animal after dark, you may be grateful for the flashlight in your kit. A good habit is to check the batteries every time you get your car’s oil changed.

  • Treats/Food

It’s good to have bait! I recommend keeping dry dog treats and a can of smelly wet food on hand.

  • Phone Numbers

The little orange card in my kit has the following numbers on it:

-the name, address, and phone number of the emergency vets in my area
-the number of my local humane society
-my local wildlife rescue group
-the Sheriff’s Department phone number

If you choose to stop and help an animal, please use extreme caution! Be alert, watch for cars, and never, ever approach an aggressive animal. Remember that injured/frightened animals can behave differently. When in doubt, call someone for help.

3 responses to “Creating an Animal Rescue Car Kit

  1. Love this!!! I keep most of these items in my trunk already, but I loved the addition of a flashlight which until now never crossed my mind. Fantastic people 💖💖💖 thank you!

    • I started keeping the flashlight with my kit after I spent a few hours in the dark searching for an injured cat in a trailer park one night! It really does come in handy.

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