Weekly Playlist – 7.4.2016

Since we’re passionate about animal rescue AND music, we’re posting a new playlist every Monday. You’ll see what we are listening to, and you can look forward to guest posts from some of our favorite friends, musicians, and fellow animal rescuers.

This week, Greg from Little Rainbow Sanctuary is contributing his selections. Greg Straight Edge has been transporting and volunteering with numerous sanctuaries for decades. Recently, he purchased some land in Asheville, North Carolina to start Little Rainbow Sanctuary. If you’d like to help him raise money for this fantastic cause, check out his GoFundMe page here.


These are the albums he listened to on a recent road trip to New York:

  • Into Another – “Seemless”
  • Dead Prez – “Information Age”
  • Sunn O))) – “Live White”
  • Kool Keith – “Sex Style”
  • Denali – “The Instinct”
  • A Tribe Called Quest – “Midnight Marauders”
  • Jets to Brazil – “Orange Rhyming Dictionary”
  • Into Another – “Into Another”


Greg had this to say about what music means to him:

“Music is the expression of what we cannot always attain. Perfect relationship, release of anger. As long as there is music there is freedom. We can express our rage with a song like “Cop Killer” with no intention of ever killing a cop. We can express our emotions of love yet may never reach the perfect relationship. If we do not have music as an outlet, then we may take our rage a bit more literal. Music can also bring thought and spread ideals. Music simply carries us to places we cannot always be.”

Thank you for contributing your selections this week!

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