Rescues and Returns

When we rehome animals, we do everything we can to ensure that they go to the perfect forever homes. We require an extensive application, vet check, home check, etc. We’re very thorough because we love these animals and want the best for them.

Occasionally, despite our best efforts, animals are returned to us. In general, we believe that there is no good reason to surrender a pet, but there are exceptions to every rule.

Two summers ago, we fostered a delightful pair of kittens. Kittens are always rambunctious, but these two were extra crazy! They were maniacs around the house, but in the best possible way.

Here they are in action:

They were also very beautiful girls:


In September of 2014, these two found a loving home with a sweet, older lady who lived alone. She has adored them for the past two years and loves them dearly. Unfortunately, this lady recently suffered a stroke and was diagnosed with cancer at the same time. She has to move in with her daughter, but she knows that she doesn’t have much time left. She would like nothing more than to see her sweet kitties find a good home while she’s still alive.

Please note that these photos are the only ones we have at the moment, and they are two years old. These two are fully grown cats now.


It would break our hearts to separate these two. We need immediate help in the form of a foster or forever home.

If you are interested in adoption or would like to help us network for these cats, please contact us at You can also contact us via Instagram at hardcore_animal_rescue.

Thank you for caring!

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