Weekly Playlist – 8.8.2016

Since we’re passionate about animal rescue AND music, we’re posting a new playlist every Monday. You’ll see what we are listening to, and you can look forward to guest posts from some of our favorite friends, musicians, and fellow animal rescuers.

This week, we’re featuring Hayden, a self-described “vegan straight edge 16-year-old hardcore kid from Charleston, SC.” His vegan favorites include the chikn ranch sandwich with buffalo sauce and the creamsicle smoothie from Hip City Veg. He is an advocate for Nana’s Donuts, and he truly believes that Blossom Du Jour needs a Charleston location (which we fully endorse as well. He has great taste in music, especially for a 16-year-old!


Here’s Hayden’s playlist:

Mouthpiece – “Cinder

Inside Out – “Undertone

Safe and Sound – “Dream

Trophy Eyes – “Bandaid

Anarbor – “The Brightest Green


Carry On – “Off My Chest
Cruel Hand – “Heat
True Colors – “What We Had
Separated – “Bloodlust
Mizery – “Forced Rebirth

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