Weekly Playlist 8.29.2016

Since we’re passionate about animal rescue AND music, we’re posting a new playlist every Monday. You’ll see what we are listening to, and you can look forward to guest posts from some of our favorite friends, musicians, and fellow animal rescuers.

We have been lucky enough to have known Deejay for about a year. He books shows in Charleston and has helped us out quite a few times by letting us set up a table to pass out literature and flyers for adoptable animals, and sell old merch for donations.  He has a very unique and diverse taste in music, and we are happy to share his playlist with you!

Stretch Arm Strong – “For The Record”
For me, this song was more than lyrics and music. For me, this song was everything. Growing up in South Carolina had its downfalls,one of which was watching people judge others by the color of their skin or how they wanted to live their lives. Stretch Arm Strong was for me the band that grabbed me and pulled me into one of the few things I hold dearest. This band paved a path for me that I will forever follow. This song in general taught me that you can hate and love the place you’re from equally and never be embarrassed about where you are from. 
Lucero – “Sweet Little Thing”
This song has a world of meaning to me. That world being my wife, Jessica. This song was our first dance at our wedding, where I held her close and sang each word to her. From dancing in the tiny kitchen in our first one bedroom apartment to singing along on car rides around town, this song will forever be sentimental. 
Foundation – “Turncoat”
Growing up in a moderately religious family, I was brought up believing that there was a higher diety. As life progressed, for myself, I fell away from the idea that a being nobody has ever met or seen can cast judgement on us. I believe that we are living in a personal heaven or hell and it’s only one or the other, not both. It’s up to you to make the choice of which one you’ll live in. 
Fury – “The Feeling”
This year has been a roller coaster for myself as well as friends. With the loss of a few great friends and a grandfather, times hit hard. This album was released recently and this is the one song that stands out a lot to me. The lyrics “Painted walls, painted skies. A touch of love, a breath of life. Without a doubt, a wish to dream. A life paramount, a love supreme” are lyrics that stand out firmly for me. Not only do I have a personal attachment to these lyrics, this album in full is a breath of fresh air to the hardcore community. 
The Gaslight Anthem – “Handwritten”
Brain Fallon must have know my grandfather when he wrote these lyrics, or he must have had a similar relationship. This song amidst the entire Gaslight Anthem discography reminds me of the car rides I had when I was young. The ones where we would just talk about baseball and the simple things in life, these songs remind me of the songs he used to listen to but they are from two different generations. 
POD – “Southtown”
What was cooler than baggy Dickies and tee-shirts that were two sizes too big for you to a skateboard fiend in the early 2000s? This song and video alone rings in the era in my life that consisted of binge watching Chad Muska skate videos every afternoon and ignoring schoolwork.
AFI – “The Boy Who Destroyed The World”
I can’t express how many hours of my summer and days after school I spent putting time into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3. This song was played constantly; I’m pretty sure I set the game so that only this song would play during runs. 
Nine Inch Nails – “Dead Souls”
After hearing this track in The Crow, I fell in love with NIN. Trent Reznor has a way of making industrial music appealing. This song further proves that by its calming feel in such a dark film. 
Saves The Day – “You Vandal”
Pop punk was a sub-genre that was a huge hit or miss for me. Some bands caught my attention while others just passed me by. Saves The Day hit the nail on the head with the release of Through Being Cool and it kept driving the metaphorical nails with each song off the album. The catchy chorus and hook of this song just settled right in with me and has since become one of my favorites. 
Throwdown – “Forever”
As a person who is Straight Edge, this song is an anthem. For myself, for my friends, for my family. Forever.

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