Please Help Two Sweet Sisters

Hazel and Dot (AKA “Rae Rae”) are two lovely sisters who currently live in rural South Carolina. They are approximately two and a half years old, spayed, and weigh approximately 40-45 pounds. They are scheduled to be updated on vaccines, but they have not yet been tested for heartworm. Unfortunately, we predict that the heartworm test will be positive.


This situation is tricky for several reasons:

  1. The girls have a tight bond, and we don’t want them to be separated.
  2. They are most likely heartworm positive (we will know for sure soon). If they are, we will pay for treatment. Their new owner(s) will not be responsible for that.
  3. They have never lived indoors before. That can be a tricky adjustment, and most people don’t have the time or patience for that situation, especially for TWO dogs at once. It’s certainly not impossible, but it does present a challenge.


Normally, we would bring new animals into our home until they can be adopted. However, our house is full. We also work long, non-flexible hours, so we’re worried about traumatizing them by crating them during the day when they’re used to roaming free.


That brings us to the next problem. Hazel and Dot live in, essentially, a pasture. They aren’t too happy with it, and they’ve taken to escaping regularly. We are terrified that they will soon be hit by a car, attacked by another dog, or shot by a neighbor.


We need help. Ideally, we’ll find someone to foster them together. We need someone to help them adjust to living inside, or at the very least, living in a SECURE yard.

Hazel is a bit shy, but she’s very affectionate. She tends to take the lead, talking Dot into adventures in the great outdoors.


Dot is more outgoing, and she’s just as loving as her sister. She has a major underbite and may need to be examined more closely by a veterinary dentist at some point, but it doesn’t appear to cause her any problems at the moment.


Please help us to network for these girls. Time is critical – we need to move quickly to keep them safe.


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