Three kitties need new homes after their owner passed away.

Two weeks ago, a wonderful lady in Summerville passed away after an extended battle with cancer. She loved her cats dearly, and now we are faced with the sad task of finding the perfect new homes for these special kitties. This lady’s only family was her sister, but her sister already has six (!) rescue dogs, so she is unable to take the cats. For now, they are still living in their owner’s home. Someone comes by to check on them daily.

Meet Leo, age 10:
Leo was abandoned at a boarding kennel a year or two ago. He is extremely affectionate and gets along well with other cats. He is used to being allowed on a patio for an hour or two in the evening. Ideally, he’d find a home where he could (safely) be allowed to go outside from time to time.
Inky, age 9
Inky is an all black cat. Loving, very sweet, and gentle.
Gary, age 11
Gary is an adorable tabby and white kitty – who wouldn’t love a cat with a name like Gary?! He is a big sweetheart who really wants a person to hang out with him on the couch.
All kitties are spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations. They are located in Summerville, South Carolina.
If cancer has touched your life in some way, perhaps you could help us to network for these lovely cats in honor of someone you know.
As always, thank you for caring.

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