On Saturday, Chris and I were coming home from visits to Rooterville and Jungle Friends when we saw a dog on the side of the road. We pulled over to see if we could help him, and he hopped in the car almost immediately. He was wearing a collar but no tags, so we pulled into the nearest driveway to see if anyone recognized him. Sure enough, the homeowner said that the dog lived in the goat pen on a neighbor’s property down the road. She told us that he gets out all the time, and because his owners don’t live on the property, they usually just drive the dog over there and put him back in the fence. This plan didn’t seem solid to us; of course, he would just get out all over again! We decided to drive over anyway to investigate.


When we drove up, there was a man working outside. He didn’t look happy to see us. We asked if this was his dog. He said “yeah, but you can have him if you want him. I’m taking him to the pound soon. He keeps getting out.”

As we talked, the dog (Spot) was sitting in my lap. His owner didn’t even look at him. Chris and I made a quick decision to take the dog. We want to keep animals out of shelters, and Spot seemed so gentle and laid-back. His owner didn’t tell him goodbye. Instead, he loaded two bags of dog food in our backseat and wished us well.

How could someone threaten to dump his dog at the shelter for escaping a pen that he was left in all day and all night, with someone only coming to check on him once a day? The owner even said that he was a house dog before. He adopted Spot from the shelter when he was about three years old. That was two years ago. Of course Spot wanted to escape – he wanted to be with the people! I can’t imagine handing my dog to strangers who stopped on the highway after two minutes of conversation. Especially not because I was frustrated with him for trying to escape a situation that no family dog wants to be in.


He found a favorite place to nap right away!

I don’t mean to make the guy out to be a monster. He kept Spot vaccinated and on heartworm prevention (he tested negative today!), but I am still horrified at the thought of him sending this gentle dog back to a crowded, noisy shelter after being fortunate enough to make it out alive once already.


After a bath, we discovered that he is red and white, not brown and white as we originally thought.


What a handsome fellow!

Spot is a wonderful dog. He has excellent house manners. He is 100% housebroken. He learned to go to his crate in the morning after three days. He takes treats like a perfect gentleman. He is sweet and playful with Hamlet. He is highly intelligent. He is so gentle that I think he could make an excellent therapy dog.




Spot has one flaw. He is not cat-friendly. We would be looking for a foster home anyway, but because we have five cats, we are looking for one even more urgently than usual. I really can’t say enough wonderful things about this loving dog. He is so easygoing and fun to be around. He would make a perfect companion for just about anyone. He’s about five years old and in excellent health. He already knows “sit” and “paw.” It’s adorable!


If you look closely at this photo, you can see the drool hanging out of his mouth. He was staring at my dinner.


Going for a long walk with Hamlet.

If you or anyone you know lives in the North FL/GA/SC area, we are URGENTLY seeking a foster home for this beautiful dog.


Nap buddies!

Can you help us by networking for Spot today? A few moments of your time could change his life forever.


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