Weekly Playlist – 6.26.2017

Since we’re passionate about animal rescue AND music, we’re posting a new playlist every Monday. You’ll see what we are listening to, and you can look forward to guest posts from some of our favorite friends, musicians, and fellow animal rescuers.

This week’s playlist was submitted by the very talented Davey Hooligan, singer for NYHC band Enziguri (they rule, so please check them out if you love punk and hardcore). We choose him strictly for the fact that he loves the Boondocks and Dave Chappelle. Oh, and he also has a pretty decent taste in music. Anyone who puts Murphy’s Law on their playlist automatically gets to share it!

photo (1)

1. “Survival of the Fittest” – Sick of It All & Mobb Deep

Two of Queens’ finest! RIP Prodigy.

2. “Jesus Saves” – Almost Aimless

It’s fast, hard, and loud! Their newest EP “White Noise” is five furious songs, all awesome, but this tune is a good introduction to them!

3. “The Standard” – Lady Bits

This song is a hard hitting message of empowerment and strength. I would suggest checking out the entire “It’s Always On” release because it’s five tracks of ferocious punk rock with great melodies, and “the Standard” kicks it all off!

4. “Cavity Creeps” – Murphy’s Law

I love Murphy’s Law. There are so many good tunes, but “Back With a Bong” is probably my favorite record by them, and the fun and goofiness they can bring to hardcore punk rock always inspires me.

5. “Dad, I Don’t Care About Sports” – Sister Munch

I’m glad someone finally said it! Thanks to Mel and the gang for making an anthem that touched the angry teenager in me; my only regret was that I didn’t have this tune to jam to when I was 14! This was the first song from their “Dad, I Don’t Care About Sports” EP, and I was sold. Their latest EP “Zen As Fuck” is also great!

6. “Malfeasance” – Revenge Season

A truly awesome and very hardworking band – Revenge Season from Atlanta, Georgia. This song feels fresh and exciting, and I literally went, “yes!” and replayed it immediately after my first listen. It really satisfied my taste for hardcore on all levels.

7. “Catwalk” – Lady Bizness

The last track off their “Who Do You Think You Are?” release,  this awesome riot grrrl punk rock (duo at the time, but since has become a trio!) walk you through a cat calling experience over a smooth beat before erupting in a sonic boom begging the question: “who do you think you are, motherfucker?!”

8. “All Day PMA” – Full Scale Riot

Hands down one of my favorite bands, this is probably my favorite song off “Empower,” their full length Eulogy Records debut. I have so much love & admiration for BJ as a writer,and his message is always clear and EMPOWERING!

9. “Throw Away Kids” – Kyle Trocolla

I’m a throw away kid. I was a latchkey kid, I’ve been living on my own since I was a teen, I’ve known TOO MANY kids like this growing up and through life in general. We are all drawn to underground music like hardcore and punk rock because we are the walking wounded, and I think my bud Kyle gets the feel and heaviness to this subject SO right. I’m not ashamed to say he’s brought me to tears with this tune live. If you ever get a chance to see Kyle Trocolla & the Strangers play live, DO IT!

10. “Up the Queer Punx” – Penguin

It’s not always easy
being alone in the crowd
it’s not always easy
to be the one who’s picked out
I don’t see a reason
to be shy about it now
fuck that other shit,
here’s a better reason to be proud
It’ll never be enough
& I don’t give a fuck
Up the, up the, up the queer punx! 

I love this song, I love the message, and I think it’s important. Queer punx of all ages, shapes, and sizes need this to know they are accepted, and they’re not alone. Music unites people, the beauty (to me at least) of punk rock was that I came up hearing everything from the Bad Brains to Pansy Division, and it feels good to stand united through our scene. Although Penguin is no longer a band to my knowledge, Al and Santos have formed a band with Jayne Henson on drums called Trashy, and I have seen them play this tune as part of their live set. Trashy’s self titled five-song EP is fucking rad; I highly recommend checking it out!





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