Weekly Playlist – 8.14.2017

Since we’re passionate about animal rescue AND music, we’re posting a new playlist every Monday. You’ll see what we are listening to, and you can look forward to guest posts from some of our favorite friends, musicians, and fellow animal rescuers.

Itzhak has contributed to our weekly (now it’s like monthly) playlist this week. Make sure to give Itzhak some love and check out what he has been bumping this week by visiting our blog (link in bio).  Itzhakk is a seasoned guitar veteran and has a hell of a taste in music, especially for an old guy!  He is an avid supporter and member of Little Rainbow Sanctuary, and he has some pretty rad tattoos!


Okay here goes, 10 tracks that I have been listening to in the last few weeks. This is not an all time top 10 by any means, but some of the bands would for sure be on that list.

1:  Shai Hulud – Reach Beyond the Sun
Shai Hulud is far and away my favorite hardcore band. Matt Fox is a genius. They never disappoint when it comes to new material, and they have some of my favorite lyrics period. This song in particular is one I find myself listening to all the time. Great message, brutal, and melodic, all the things that make Shai Hulud so important.
2: XElegyX  – Elegy
Apparently, there is something in the water down in south Florida lately that has kids putting out really good vegan straight edge hardcore. XElegyX is a new discovery for me. They put out their demo in late 2016, and it’s amazing. I love everything about this band, militant ecocentric/animal rights-focused lyrics, heavy breakdowns, harmonized guitar. The female frontperson has an insane scream that takes it over the top . They just released another two songs this year, and it’s a must-hear. These guys were hanging out at the Ecostrike table at TIHC when I was there with Little Rainbow, and now I kind of regret not going over to tell them they have rekindled my desire to hear new music.
3: Darkthrone – Tundra Leach
I love Dark Throne, and I am still obsessively digesting their new album. The opening track is the standout for me because the first riff is so epic and evil.
4: Ruiner – Kiss That Motherfucker Goodnight
Say what you will. In my book, Ruiner was amazing, and this song was “the song” for me.
5: This Will Destroy You – Threads
When it’s chill time, I am a sucker for big sweeping instrumental “post hardcore” (I hate that term). Anyway, I found this band years ago while falling down an
Explosions in the Sky/ Appleseed Cast rabbit hole. This is the first song I heard from them, and I was hooked. This album is awesome on long drives or when I need to zone out on the way home from work.
6: XreignX – Complicit
Another new XVX band. These guys are from San Diego. The cover of the EP is a tree spike from Eco Defense. That sets the tone for the four songs. This track is SO good. Heavy, angry, and divergent from the standard chugga chugga stuff. The lyrics are super well thought out and I can’t wait to see them live so I can lose my voice.  This EP set the bar really high, and I’m eagerly awaiting what comes next. These guys are also really solid dudes.
7: Propagandhi – Potemkin City Limits (the song, not the album)
These guys are another all time top 5 band for me. I’ve been a fanboy since 1996. “Less Talk, More Rock” was my gateway drug into ideas of radical politics and animal issues. This song is like the perfect encapsulation of what makes them amazing. Melodic arrangement is catchy but not cheesy, and there is nuanced and satirical lyrical content. I am finally going to see these guys in October, and I am counting the days until the new album drops.
8: Orchid! – And the Cat Turned to Smoke
I’ll straight up admit that I bought this record back in 2000 because I liked the Black Panthers logo with wings on the album cover, and it was in the “grind/crust” section of my record store. Maybe someone put it back there by accident? Although that is a lame story, I’m really glad I bought it because it’s been a staple in my rotation ever since. I was at the second of their “last shows” and this is the last song they played. It’s a long song by Orchid! standards, and it has a really slow, dark sound. It has always stood out to me from their other songs.
9: His Hero is Gone: – Like Weeds
Perfect. Enough said. 
10: I Have Dreams: – Three Days Til Christmas
Talk shit if you want, but I’ll defend this pick to the end. This is actually five songs instead of one. I Have Dreams only existed for six months from the end of ’98 through spring in ’99, and they only had a five-song demo. This band was formed by a group of friends from Florida as an outlet to deal with the death of a close friend. Their sound has been called emo violence, screamo, and all kinds of other shit. It’s easy to pigeonhole them because of a few seconds of higher pitched “clean vocals” that are scattered throughout the demo. These guys were insanely talented, and for the most part very, very heavy. You can literally hear these guys going through it while recording this. There is so much feeling packed into the 15:55 that make up this incredible piece of music. I found out about this band the old school way by word of mouth and a copy of a copy of a tape someone had at a show. I went through the loss of friends and some hard times of my own listening to this record. I can’t think of many other recordings that moved me the way this one did. Listening to this is a straight up time machine for me. You can find the full demo on YouTube. Keep an open mind.

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