We are Hardcore Animal Rescue. Our goal is save lives and promote animal welfare, particularly through rescue efforts. On this site, you’ll find posts related to animal rescue, music, food, and travel.

The HAR family:


Harley Flanagan and Huey Freeman




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We are Chris and Elizabeth. We met in March of 2013, and we’ve been bonding over our love for animals and music ever since. HAR was officially started in 2015, but we have many years of animal rescue experience prior to that time.


Chris and Elizabeth




The bloody, sweaty GwarBQ version of Chris and Elizabeth



Special thanks to Chris’s bestie Michael Dean, who has been our graphic design wizard. He’s on the West Coast now, but Hamlet is really hoping he’ll move back to this side of the country.


Michael Dean

We owe a HUGE thank you to our dear friends John and Caroline in Charleston, SC, where HAR began. They are extremely supportive of us, and we love having them represent Charleston. We are deeply grateful for their interest in animal rescue and even more grateful for their friendship.


We currently live in Jacksonville, FL. We like to think of ourselves as a dual-city rescue! We are always looking for dependable foster homes and people who would like to help us network for animals in need. If you’re interested in saving animals and would like to help us, please contact us at hardcoreanimalrescue@gmail.com

Thank you for caring,

Chris and Elizabeth

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  1. I think what you are doing is great! One of the biggest problems is apartments that don’t take animals. So sad! And the people who are breeding animals for their own gain! I help financially monthly to animal causes. I rescue animals too!

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